Secondary Program

The Panthers on the Prowl Secondary Schools Program aims to provide high school students in the local community area with unique opportunities and broader awareness of different careers and career pathways available to them. Through this program targeted students are given the opportunity to visit businesses and learning institutions where they are able to meet key people, develop relationships and gain insights into industries and environments of interest.

Research shows that youth who experience spells of early unemployment disproportionately go on to experience further unemployment and less professional success in their prime adult years. Studies also clearly and consistently indicate the severe negative psychological impacts that unemployment often has on wellbeing and mental health. Research evidence suggests that unemployment is a significant risk indicator for substance abuse, criminality and youth suicide

In this context, Panthers on the Prowl recognises that there is often a large ‘gap’ between school and the workforce, particularly for students at risk of disengaging from their learning. This program seeks to bridge that gap not only by providing direct workplace exposure but also by providing students with the opportunity to fully develop themselves as young people in the pursuit of their career and life goals. The Secondary Schools Program main objective is for students is to be able to participate in a positive workplace environment with an adult who is involved in a career field similar to that in which they have expressed interest in order to prevent the harmful impacts of youth unemployment.

In addition to the careers program, Panthers on the Prowl has been able to offer an additional opportunity for students to experience a real-life situation of working in a commercial kitchen environment, by running the Nepean Schools Culinary Challenge in cooperation with Penrith Outback Steakhouse. Each year eight high schools compete in the Challenge.

The Panthers on the Prowl – secondary schools program is coordinated and administered by Mr Brogan Mulhall. For more information feel free to contact Brogan on (02) 4725 6434 or the General Manager of Panthers on the Prowl, Brad Waugh (02) 4725 6420.