About Panthers on the Prowl

The Panthers on the Prowl Community Development Foundation continues to gather momentum in its aim to give something vitally important back to families and young people within Penrith and surrounding areas. Watch the video of the program in action HERE.

The goal of Panthers on the Prowl is to make a positive and lasting difference to the wellbeing of young people in our local communities

Panthers on the Prowl has been operating for over 15 years and has had a significant impact on hundreds of young people and their families. As well as this important individual gain, it has proved that communities and agencies working together can produce mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone.

Since it’s launch in 2002, the Prowl has expanded its programs and personnel to encompass seven different initiatives in local communities. The social coalition which evolved during the initial primary class intervention model has encouraged this process. The building of social capital is at the centre of the Prowl’s enterprise.

All of the Prowl’s programs are monitored and evaluated by partners at University of Western Sydney and it is these evaluations that continue to drive and improve the programs.