Our Work

The Work of Panthers on the Prowl

Panthers on the Prowl works to provide meaningful education and healthy development opportunities for students in the wider Penrith area who are at risk of disengaging from school. Our programs are specifically designed and targeted at improving resilience, self-esteem and levels of physical and mental health for our young people. We achieve our aims through explicit teaching, social skill development and the modelling of positive connected relationships that actively promote and address’ harm prevention and the minimisation of child and youth developmental health-risk factors.

Research Based Programs

Research shows that developmental health-risk factors such as; substance abuse, obesity, developmental injury, mental illness, school drop-out, and antisocial behaviours can be mitigated and prevented by increasing and enhancing protective factors in the lives of our students. Numerous studies show that programs that focus on the explicit teaching and promotion of resilience and social-emotional competence are generally more effective than programs that have a narrow focus on the elimination of a particular problem that a child may face, such as bullying or alcohol abuse. It is on this premise that Panthers on the Prowl approaches harm prevention.

Panthers on the Prowl recognises that when students and young people have high levels of resilience, self-esteem and self-awareness, with a quality set of skills with which they can approach life’s challenges, they tend to be more successful. When faced with difficult choices or circumstances that may result in risk or harm, they draw on the strengths and competencies that they have developed and learned. Students who have been educated and trained in developing resilience and self-esteem tend to think broadly and reason well. They also tend to have good emotional and social problem-solving skills, which allow them to make the most of relationships as well as mitigate the impact of challenges such as peer pressure. Finally, they tend to have a strong sense of identity and purpose due to quality supports and the presence of active mentoring.

In acknowledging the breadth of research outcomes that connect the increase of protective factors, such as resilience, with the minimisation and prevention of harm, Panthers on the Prowl has developed its present range of educational, health and development projects for young people in our community.

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