Brogan Mulhall

Brogan Mulhall


Brogan is a qualified Secondary Teacher and Counsellor currently employed by the Department of Education & Communities and coordinates the Secondary Schools programs for Panthers on the Prowl. Brogan has been engaged in education and community development work for over 20 years. After commencing work as a youth programs officer working with local and rural aboriginal communities, Brogan spent 5 years abroad in the Aid and Development sector and was instrumental in developing successful programs in Brazil, Zambia, Northern Ireland and the EU. Since returning Brogan has been working in the Education Department’s Welfare and Engagement Directorates and has since completed post-graduate degrees in Development and Psychology. Brogan began developing the ‘Building Young Men’ project with Brad Waugh in 2016, and assumed the role as coordinator at the beginning of 2018.

Most rewarding feature of working at POTP

“The most rewarding aspect of working at Panthers on the Prowl is watching the growth and development of our young people as they engage in challenging and rewarding opportunities that otherwise they would not have been afforded without the involvement of the Prowl. Seeing your life’s work have a real and lasting positive impact in a young person is such a special thing – it’s what life is about”.

Personal Motto

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”